Khloe Krush Crushes a Dick with Her Mouth

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Khloe Krush the cock sucker is ready for her close up in this episode from where she demonstrates all the incredible things she can do with her mouth. At first the gorgeous dark haired teen blows on the hard cock as if terrified of it but then she moves her mouth closer and closer to the tip of the cock until she’s close enough to plant a kiss on it. The kiss turns into a full blow sucking with a deep throat so intense you’ll burst a nut watching her gag on the hard rod in her mouth!

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Cock sucking looks spectacular when the face on the other end of the dick belongs to Khloe Krush because this teen hottie not only truly enjoys sucking cock but she’s actually very good at it and she’s eager to prove it to the older man interviewing her. She wets his cock with her mouth and then swallows it slowly while gently fondling his balls. The impatient man grabs her hair and holds her still as she shoves his cock to the back of her throat.

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When the cock hits the roof of her mouth Khloe Krush fights the urge to gag and when she regains her composure, she takes charge of the cock and fully dominates it with her mouth by sucking the sensitive tip hard and twirling her tongue around it, slurping up any precum before sucking it hard until it explodes all over her pretty face.

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