Alyssa Hart Choking On A Huge Prick

Its getting hot outside and Alyssa Hart is feeling rather thirsty so she turns to her uncle Warren to quench her thirst and he’s such a gentleman that he gladly unzips his pants and lets her latch onto his long hard pipe and drink until she’s had her fill of his man juice. This scene from isn’t just about a short and slutty teen getting her mouth pounded but about a horny babe who unleashes her inner whore and gives away the whole farm by spreading her legs wide open and letting her much older uncle fuck her hard too.

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Warren has always had a crush on Alyssa Hart but he’s never acted on it until she approaches him in an aggressively flirtatious manner. He wants into her tight holes so bad and when she offers them up to him, he eagerly pounces on her, first by driving his huge prick into her small mouth, causing her to choke as she tries to swallow as much of him as she possibly can. Her eyes roll to the back of her head as the tip of the big cock hits the roof of her throat but she’s a trooper and she’s not about to quit halfway so she soldiers on.

When she’s done sucking Uncle Warren off real good, she climbs into his lap and sinks her wet pussy onto his erect cock, riding him slowly in the reverse cowgirl position before he flips her over the arm rest and fucks her doggystyle. The look on her face as the big cock plows deeper and deeper into her very tight hole, gaping it with each thrust is absolutely priceless and you can see it exclusively at

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