Dixie Lynn Bangs Her Uncle Before School

Lip gloss is allowed in school. Some light make up is perfectly acceptable too. But cum on one’s face is a big no-no. In fact, Dixie Lynn would be quite the odd man out if she showed up with jizz sliding down her face. The sexy petite teen fucks her much older uncle at night but they both wake up clearly very horny so they decide to go for round two. His hands fondle her small tits as she stretches out and when she turns to look at him, Dixie can’t help but notice his massive hard on. He very clearly wants more of her and she has no objections.

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As a matter of fact, Dixie Lynn dives head first into the older man’s crotch area. She pops his dick into her mouth and sucks him off real hard. He keeps his fingers busy by cramming them into her snatch. Getting fingered while she gives head is exactly how this tiny teeny prefers to wake up each morning. She spit polishes that massive dong and then deep throats it, much to his uncle’s delight. He’s ready for something even more intense and so is Dixie.

Without saying a word, the teen babe pulls her mouth off her uncle’s dick and undresses. Then she mounts the lucky guy and rides his dick. Never one to miss an opportunity to watch herself, Dixie Lynn looks back and admires her ass as it goes up and down the erect boner. She’s a little freak and her uncle can’t get enough of her sexy tight body. He flips her to face away from him and she gets to ride him in reverse cowgirl too. Then the older man decides to take control of the hook up.

He presses Dixie Lynn to the bed and fucks her hard and fast. Then he folds her to her side and bangs her that way too. She thinks it can’t get any more intense than this but it does. Her uncle gets her on her back, pulls out of her pussy and sprinkles his jizz all over her. Oh but he’s not done just yet. He thrusts his dick back into Dixie and fucks her so hard that she digs her nails into his arm. Then, he pulls out of her pussy one more time and shoots his load all over her face and tits. Its too bad she can’t go to school with a face full of jizz.

Dixie Lynn from Petite18
Dixie Lynn from Petite18
Dixie Lynn from Petite18
Dixie Lynn from Petite18

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