Amy Faye Screams As Her Tight Holes Get Stretched By A Thick Prick

Some men like their pussies completely hairless and others like them bushy but some like Pike can’t seem to get enough of a well trimmed pussy especially if its attached to a teen as hot as Amy Faye. The horny duo’s paths cross when he catches her snooping in his stuff and as punishment, he pulls out his dong and makes her suck it hard and then ride it in this stunning video from and the tiny brunette babe actually handles the punishment pretty well even as she screams through each dick stroke!

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Amy Faye knows better than to go snooping into other people’s business but that doesn’t stop her from poking her nose into Pike’s business. She’s curious to see what she can dig up but all she manages to dig is a hole for herself when he bursts her being nosy. She knows she’s wrong so when he says he’s going to punish her, she has no option but to accept what’s coming. What comes next isn’t your typical punishment however as the petite teen babe finds herself face to face with Pike’s thick manhood.

She grabs the thick cock and starts stroking it, getting excited as it grows thicker in her hands with each stroke and when it’s nice and hard, the horny teen climbs on top of it and rides it hard in the reverse cowgirl position first and then in the cowgirl position. Then Pike flips her over and fucks her hard from the back, making her scream but her screams are loudest when he pins her to her back and crams his massive man meat into her, thrusting hard and never stopping until he’s ready to cum. Only then does he pull out and splash his seed across Amy Faye’s bushy twat.

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