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Sofia Carter is sweet, innocent and naive. She also likes older men with big cocks which is why when one lures her back to his apartment, she gladly follows him hoping to be fucked silly. She gets her wish as this video from shows but, she also gets so much more when the perverted man yanks his dick out of her freshly fucked hole and empties it all over her chin. Cum dripping off a chin has never looked as good as it does on this blonde teen babe!

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Mr. Johnson thinks he’s hit the jackpot when he convinces Sofia Carter to return to his apartment but what he doesn’t suspect is that he’s playing right into the nubile teen’s plan. She wants to get laid and instead of hooking up with guys her age, she’d rather hook up with older men like Mr. Johnson. They’re more experienced and always eager to please the younger girls which means she’s guaranteed to get fucked really good and hard. Her expectations pay off big time when the older man lays her down on the bed and immediately starts fingering her while she strokes his dick.

The finger fucking gets Sofia Carter so wet that Mr. Johnson immediately replaces his finger with his hard cock. He bends the pigtailed blonde over on her knees and thrusts into her from the back while firmly holding onto her hips. She’s never been fucked this hard before and every time the older man drives his dick into her, she screams as she feels the dick hitting all her sweet spots. When he’s had his fill of her tight hole, Mr. Johnson pulls out and cums on the blonde teen’s chin!

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