Isabella Gonzales: My Step Dad Fucked Me

When Isabella Gonzales wants something, she’ll do whatever it takes to get it and right now she wants her step dad to take the fall for something she did and the only way that’s going to happen is if she opens her mouth and legs and lets the older man dip his hard meat into them. She’s more than happy to do exactly as he says as long as she gets off the hook for the problem at hand and as this video from shows, this is one chick who’s good at keeping her end of the bargain.

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Isabella Gonzales crashes her mom’s car and immediately knows she’s in trouble. She has two options – either tell her mom the truth and face the consequences or take the easy way out by having her step dad take the blame. She opts for the latter and negotiates a deal the old man can’t turn down. He’s always wanted to plow into the tiny teen’s pussy and this is his chance so he seizes it with both hands and agrees to take the blame for the crashed car as long as she gets him off.

First, she sucks his big dick, savoring it as she wets it and prepares it for entry into her extra tight hole. Then she bends over the arm of the couch and moans for dear life as her hung step father buries his thick meat pole into her. Clearly she underestimated how big his dick really is but soon enough her pussy gets used to the size and Isabella Gonzales rides that dick like a pro until it explodes!

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