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So, if you like what you see on Petite 18, there is something we have to tell you. This is a secret of the most prolific porn watchers and we’re not even sure if we should really tell you about it, but we love our fans and followers and we want you to jerk off as much as possible, so here goes.

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This amazing porno secret is known as The Porn Dude. He is a guy who probably lives in his mom’s basement and he jerks off to smut so much that he decided to create his own porn site that reviews the best sites. Overall he has hundreds of reviews online that he has written himself and you better bet that each one is the result of careful research performed with his dick in his hand and his eyes glued to the screen.

Find out what The Porn Dude sees when he turns on his favorite porn sites. The site is amazing because he doesn’t even review bad sites. He is the kind of guy who is pretty efficient and he doesn’t believe in wasting your time with bad porn. Who wants to watch a porn site that will not satisfy? Of course there are not too many of those out there, but they definitely exist.

The Porn Dude has a vested interest in performing honest reviews because he only makes a buck when you decide to join one of the sites he recommends. If he recommends bad ones or ones that don’t live up to his review, he would be flat broke and have to move out of his college dorm!

TPD is a guy with a discerning eye who wants to know what is really behind any porn site. If you haven’t tried to get it on with a new porn site in a while because you don’t want to waste your time finding out what to watch, he can greatly reduce that time period and help you find some smut on your limited schedule!

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