Alyssa Hart Gets Her Tight Holes Plugged

The only thought running through Alyssa Hart’s mind in this video from is that she must get laid and it must happen soon. The very tiny redhead knows exactly who to call to fix her problem but she knows he won’t come unless it’s an emergency so she manufactures one by pretending to have a fire that needs to be put out ASAP. She does have a fire alright, in her pants, and the only hose that can fix it is the one attached to Ben so when he shows up at her front door, he immediately sticks his long man hose into her mouth and pussy and puts out her fire!

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Alyssa Hart likes a good long hard dick and Ben happens to have one of those. It’s ripe and ready for a sucking when he turns up to her door and since her hormones are on fire and she’s ready to go, the two don’t waste much time on small talk and instead get right down to the business of getting each other off. She pops her mouth open and he slides his dick in it, inhaling sharply as his dick hits the roof of her mouth and then exhaling deeply as she slowly licks him up and down.

She definitely knows how to mouth fuck a man but she intends to show him that she can do way more than merely blow his dick which is why she mounts him and rides him in the reverse cowgirl position before flipping over for a sideways fuck that then turns into a missionary-style fuck with Ben pinning Alyssa Hart’s legs way back up in the air and fucking her brains out until they both cum! There is no doubt that whatever fire the petite teen had inside her is put out by this thorough fuck session.

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