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There is no denying that Bailey Page is scared shitless of the gigantic prick her friend’s dad whips out of his shorts when they hook up. She’s never been with someone that hung before and even though she’s scared as fuck about being penetrated by the large dick, she’s also very excited by the thought of the big dick plugging away inside her. Her excitement manifests itself in the way her pussy juice drenches the large cock when it slides inside her in this scene from and what a sight it is to see!

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Bailey Page is attracted to men much older than her which is why she shamelessly flirts with her friend’s dad until he gives in and decides to fuck her. She’s expecting an average sized dick but he’s got a monster dong in between his legs and when he swings it out, her eyes almost pop out of their sockets. She swallows deep and then starts stroking the big dick while working up the courage to shove it into her mouth. Then she lowers her mouth down and crams as much of it as she can into her small mouth, gaping the sides so much, it looks like they’re about to rip apart.

When the blowjob is done, Bailey Page mounts the cock and rides it in the reverse cowgirl position before the older man bends her over and enters her from the back. The look of utter terror on her face as that huge dick penetrates her tight pussy doggystyle is undeniable and she digs her nails into the couch as the mature man digs his hands into her ass and buries himself deeper into her twat. This dark haired slim teen has never been fucked this hard but she’s a trooper and she soldiers on until they both cum hard!

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