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That pained look on Logan Lace’s face is all the proof you need that her extra tight hole simply isn’t used to big shafts like the one attached to Pike. The naughty cheerleader thinks she can handle the gigantic cock in this hardcore scene from but the minute it slides into her twat, she almost passes out. It’s bigger than she originally assumed but lucky for her, her pussy adjusts to the size of the cock and soon enough, she’s enjoying getting fucked by the older man. She actually enjoys it so much that she cums all over the big dick right before getting her face creamed.

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Logan Lace knows she can always count on Pike to come to her rescue and when he saves her day yet again, she decides to reward him with something she knows he craves more than anything else in the world – her pussy. First though, the naughty babe with pigtails opens her mouth wide and sucks his massive boner before spreading her legs wide open and letting the orally fixated older man return the favor by licking her shaved pussy really good.

He’s not just licking her for the sake of licking her though, he’s lubing up her twat for the pounding its about to receive from his cock and once that pounding starts, there is no escape for Logan Lace as Pike fucks her in every imaginable position until he gets enough of her sweet, wet pussy which is when he pulls out and empties his cock on her pretty face!

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