Girl Scout Gianna Love Gets Banged By A Perverted Older Man

Girl Scout cookie season is Mr. Johnson’s favorite time of the year because he knows he can score both cookies and pussy in a single day and this proves to be the case in this scene from when Gianna Love shows up at his door wanting to unload her cookies on him. He invites her in but things soon turn R-rated between the two when the naughty teen spreads her legs and reveals that she isn’t wearing any panties. Her shaved snatch makes the perverted older man drool with obvious lust and since both of them are horny and desperate for some action, they forget about the cookies and instead tear into each other.

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Gianna Love is the first one up and she flaunts her impressive cock sucking skills by latching onto Mr. Johnson’s big dick and sucking it with everything she’s got. She spits on it and tugs it hard with both hands and she even crams as much of it as she can into her mouth.These are blowjob skills that she definitely didn’t learn at scouts school but they blow Mr. Johnson away. Then its his turn to reward her for sucking him off and he does that by bending her over the couch and thrusting hard into her pussy from the back.

The tiny babe moans as Mr. Johnson’s big dick hits every point in her wet pussy and then she hops on top of it and rides it hard, rocking back and forth and up and down until she creams it with her lady juice. Their tango on the couch continues with Mr. Johnson flipping Gianna Love on her side and fucking her sideways before pinning her to her back and ramming into her that way. He finishes off by cumming on her face.

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