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There is no doubt that Alyssa Hart loves to fuck. In fact she’s such a slut that there is no line she isn’t willing to cross in her pursuit of cock. That includes society’s taboo line that strictly forbids her from fucking her own relatives. She knows she’s not supposed to hook up with her uncle Warren but the electricity between them is undeniable and so the tiny sized teen decides to throw caution to the wind and give in to her lusty feelings by spreading her moist cunt wide open and giving her uncle full access to it.

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As this sizzling hot video from shows, Warren takes full advantage of his niece! He whips out his large dick and watches in awe as she sinks her tight pussy down on it. The older man doesn’t think she can handle all of him but she surprises him by swallowing every single inch of his manhood and then slowly gliding up and down it in the reverse cowgirl position. This is Alyssa Hart at her finest and she doesn’t disappoint one bit!

In fact, she intends to try more than just one position with her uncle so after straddling him and riding him real good, the hot babe with pigtails then bends over the armrest and lets Uncle Warren penetrate her from the back. Doggystyle is one of her favorite positions and when she’s bent over, the lucky man’s big dick hits every single one of her sweet spots bringing her close to an orgasm. Its the sideways fuck though that eventually pushes her over the edge. There’s something so hot about the way Warren holds onto her tiny frame as he goes full throttle into her. The balls deep action makes both of them cum harder than they ever ever and you can see where on Alyssa Hart the older man deposits his load by watching this taboo fucking video at

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