Kimmy Lee: I Fuck On The First Date

There are girls who don’t fuck on the first date and then there’s Kimmy Lee. She’s so horny and ready to feel a dick cruising in her pussy that she not only puts out on the first date, she let’s the guy jizz all over her too! This scene from will blow you away as you watch the exotic babe letting a total stranger ram into her bareback just because she’s so desperate to get some dick! She cleans his dick real good with her mouth only to cream it as he pounds into her a few minutes later!

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Kimmy Lee is horny as fuck so she’ll spread her legs for any guy which explains why she decides to hook up with a guy she likes on their very first date. She’s clearly not looking for Mr.Forever but rather Mr. Fuck Me Right Now and he fits the bill for all her needs. He’s got a hard dick in between his legs and he’s willing to thrust it into her wet snatch which are all the requirements on this naughty nympho’s fuck list. The duo head back to her home and it doesn’t take the slutty teen long to drop her panties and open all her moist holes up for her date.

Before he can stick his dick inside her though, he makes her blow his dick and her head games is so impressive, it almost makes him cum but he saves his load for after their fuckfest. Instead he bends Kimmy Lee over the couch and drives into her from the back, yanking her long black hair as he buries himself deeper inside her and making her scream with each thrust. When he’s done pounding into her, he pulls out and shoots his load right in her face!

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